Interior Design Tip: Selecting the Perfect Sofa

What is the most important piece in your living room?  Here is a hint; it is not the television (although my husband would disagree).  I tell my clients that the key to a perfect living room is a good sofa.  Here are some important interior design tips that will assist you in selecting the perfect sofa:

1. Avoid bold patterns by selecting a “neutral” sofa. Choosing a solid color or a subtle pattern will ensure the sofa will last beyond the current trends.  Instead, add throw pillows with different colors and patterns.  Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to change the look of your living room.

2. Although sectional sofas are comfortable, they can be limiting.  If you move to a new home where the layout is different, what will you do? Your sofa extends out to the left but now you need it to be on the right.  Instead, avoid the sectional and buy a regular sofa.  Purchase a separate ottoman that can be moved around to fit your needs.

A sectional is comfortable but not necessarily practical.
A sofa with an ottoman is functional and stylish.

3. Make sure you buy a sofa with a strong frame.  Cheap sofas might look nice but they are often built with plywood frames.  If you purchase a sofa with a strong frame you can re-upholster it later.  That way, the sofa will last a lifetime.

4. Finally, choose a comfortable sofa.  This might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how easy it is to be dazzled by something attractive but not functional.  A piece might look pretty, but if it is uncomfortable, you don’t want to use it. The same advice can be said about shoes.

Have fun buying your next sofa.  Using these helpful tips will make your next sofa purchase a breeze.