09 24 11

Design Tip: Appliance Paint Is Magic!

I left my washer and dryer outside while remodeling my kitchen.  This morning, I went to check on them.  To my dismay, I found that my dryer has started to rust. As I am short on cash, I sent my husband to Home Depot to find a solution that did not involve a new dryer.  After using sand paper to remove the rust and two coats of appliance paint, the dryer looks brand new.  No joke.  For $5 I transformed my old appliance to its original glory.

05 12 11

Design Tip: Warm Weather Room Makeover

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a lighter touch for the warmer Seasons. Here are some quick tips to create a fresh and new design for Spring and Summer.

1. Change out your throw pillows. Need some color inspiration? Go … Read more...

02 21 11

Design Tip: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

A mirror is not just there to check your hair. A strategically placed mirror can be magical. Mirrors give an illusion of space.  It can actually make a room look larger.

Mirrors also reflect light.  If you angle one near a window, the light can … Read more...