Interior Design Tip: Save Money & Create Ambiance With Dimmers

Dimmer switches are your best friend.  They allow you to set a mood. Whether you want a bright light to work on your high school scrapbook or a soft low light for a romantic evening, dimmer switches give you full control over your space.  Here is the best part… by keeping your lights slightly dimmed, you will reduce your energy bill.  I keep my living room lights at 65%.

Dimmer’s can be purchased at any hardware store and are usually under $20.

Interior Design Tip: Selecting the Perfect Sofa

What is the most important piece in your living room?  Here is a hint; it is not the television (although my husband would disagree).  I tell my clients that the key to a perfect living room is a good sofa.  Here are some important interior design tips that will assist you in selecting the perfect sofa:

1. Avoid bold patterns by selecting a “neutral” sofa. Choosing a solid color or a subtle pattern will ensure the sofa will last beyond the current trends.  Instead, add throw pillows with different colors and patterns.  Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to change the look of your living room.

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Simple Tips for Making Your Home Holiday Ready

As the holidays approach I find myself giddy with thoughts of eggnog and turkey legs (can you tell I am food motivated?).  It is a time when family and friends come together to share great food and good conversation.  When your guests join you for the holidays, where do they congregate?  Often, they spend the most time in the kitchen keeping the chef company and the dining room for the big meal. Make sure these rooms are as festive as you feel with some simple tips.

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