Design Tip: Appliance Paint Is Magic!

I left my washer and dryer outside while remodeling my kitchen.  This morning, I went to check on them.  To my dismay, I found that my dryer has started to rust. As I am short on cash, I sent my husband to Home Depot to find a solution that did not involve a new dryer.  After using sand paper to remove the rust and two coats of appliance paint, the dryer looks brand new.  No joke.  For $5 I transformed my old appliance to its original glory.

Design Tip: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

A mirror is not just there to check your hair. A strategically placed mirror can be magical. Mirrors give an illusion of space.  It can actually make a room look larger.

Mirrors also reflect light.  If you angle one near a window, the light can bounce off the mirror and bring more light into the room.  Make sure you are strategic about your placement. You want to avoid glare.

Whether it is framed, unframed, round or square, a mirror is a neutral and inexpensive wall accessory for any room.

Interior Design Tip: Selecting the Perfect Sofa

What is the most important piece in your living room?  Here is a hint; it is not the television (although my husband would disagree).  I tell my clients that the key to a perfect living room is a good sofa.  Here are some important interior design tips that will assist you in selecting the perfect sofa:

1. Avoid bold patterns by selecting a “neutral” sofa. Choosing a solid color or a subtle pattern will ensure the sofa will last beyond the current trends.  Instead, add throw pillows with different colors and patterns.  Throw pillows are an inexpensive way to change the look of your living room.

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