Architectural & Custom Lighting

Let us paint your room with light. We provide a reflective ceiling plan that will do a layout of where each lighting fixture is placed in your space. We can select fixtures or work with a lighting specialist to create a chandelier or pendent that is just for you.

Art & Accessory Selection

Art and accessories are the cherry on top of the sundae. Jessica Patterson, principal of JLP Design, Inc has a love for the arts. Her BA in Art has provided her with the knowledge to carefully select the right art and accessories to complete your design and make it a signature space.

Custom Furniture Design

Do you have an idea for a nightstand that is so unique that is doesn’t exist yet? From the hardware to the materials we can make your idea a reality! We will provide a furniture manufacturer detailed drawings on how to build any custom furniture piece. We are only limited by our imaginations.

Environmental Psychology

Environmental psychology takes design to another level by delving into the emotion a person desires to evoke when they walk into a room. Based on your questionnaire, we select colors, patterns and a space plan that is specific to your emotional well-being.

Finish Consultation

Based on our initial complimentary consultation, a Designer will select paint, wall coverings, carpet, wood, tile, and fabrics that fit your lifestyle and person aesthetic.

Hand Sketch & CAD Drawings

Having a designer that has the expertise to understand codes to create a set of construction plans is vital. A Designer will hand sketch plans and input them into a computer-drafting program such as AutoCad, Revit or Sketch-up.

Installation Site Observation

Quality is our priority. We oversee the entire design process from the initial consultation to the installation of the furniture, millwork and finishes. It is our commitment to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Selection & Spec of Furnishing

What options should you consider when you are looking for a sofa? What is the frame made out of? Do you want a tight back? Do you want a self-welt? What is the double rub of the fabric? These are the options we consider when we select your furniture. We take every element into consideration to find you the perfect piece of furniture.


Do you have a bay window overlooking your garden or a fireplace in the center of your room? A designer will select the appropriate focal point and create a custom furniture layout for your space.

Sustainable “Green” Interior Design

Our commitment to green design is not only to help reduce our carbon footprint but to design a space that is healthier and happier and more productive.

Virtual 3D Perspectives

Based on your approved plans a Designer will create three-dimensional views of your space. Your design can even include your actual furniture and finishes.

Green Design & Education

JLP Design strives to encourage sustainability in the workplace. JLP Design is available to come to your business to educate staff on creating an environmentally conscious workplace.

This service is free of charge. Please call for an appointment. 310.776.5575
Color Consultation

A Designer will come to your home for a complimentary consultation. Based on your personal aesthetic we will select three different color schemes. After you choose the best scheme, we can alter the colors further to find the perfect palette. We can offer significant discounts on paint to help further your savings.

Color consultation starts at $250.00. Please call to schedule an appointment: 310.776.5575
DIY Interior Design Brainstorming

DIY alternative with the bonus of having a professional to bounce ideas off of. This 2 hour consultation in your home or office will allow you the opportunity to ask a Designer anything. From furniture placement, paint colors, vendor recommendations, accessory and art selection, even construction ideas. The sky's the limit.

Bonus! 30 minute follow-up phone call for additional questions.

$320 per session. Please call to schedule an appointment: 310.776.5575
Online Interior Design Package

This package is designed for those on a limited budget but need an update to the design of their living space. Everything can be done online. You will begin by filling out our online questionnaire in order to assess your design needs. Questions about your design aesthetic as well as your lifestyle will assist us in creating a space for you that is unique and personal. Upload detailed photos for your room as well as some inspiration photos. Based on the information you provide we will send a full & detailed design assessment from furniture placement, color schemes, and simple but inexpensive ways to update your look.

Best Value $450.00 per room order

Deluxe Online Interior Package

Everything included in the original package with an extra bonus. Included in the deluxe package, we will send you a selection of furniture and fabrics to complete the makeover of any room, including source links and prices to directly purchase the selections at competitive prices. We can work with any budget.

Please note the Designer will select three options for up to five pieces of furniture per room.

Best Value $650.00 per room order