Design Tip: Warm Weather Room Makeover

You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a lighter touch for the warmer Seasons. Here are some quick tips to create a fresh and new design for Spring and Summer.

1. Change out your throw pillows. Need some color inspiration? Go outside. Select colors found right in your backyard.  Look at the blues in the sky, greens from the plants and even fuchsia and yellow from Spring tulips.

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Design Tip: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

A mirror is not just there to check your hair. A strategically placed mirror can be magical. Mirrors give an illusion of space.  It can actually make a room look larger.

Mirrors also reflect light.  If you angle one near a window, the light can bounce off the mirror and bring more light into the room.  Make sure you are strategic about your placement. You want to avoid glare.

Whether it is framed, unframed, round or square, a mirror is a neutral and inexpensive wall accessory for any room.

Interior Design Tip: Save Money & Create Ambiance With Dimmers

Dimmer switches are your best friend.  They allow you to set a mood. Whether you want a bright light to work on your high school scrapbook or a soft low light for a romantic evening, dimmer switches give you full control over your space.  Here is the best part… by keeping your lights slightly dimmed, you will reduce your energy bill.  I keep my living room lights at 65%.

Dimmer’s can be purchased at any hardware store and are usually under $20.